Seventh Generation

84. Reynolds MOWLL was born on 7 October 1812 in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.5,40 In 1837 he lived at 76 Snargate Street in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.4,151 Reynolds MOWLL, Tailor of 76 Snargate Street, Dover - had cloth stolen by Ann PODEVIN
(Dover Police Court - reported in Dover Telegraph 5.8.1843)
In 1839 he was a Tailor in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.5 Reynolds appears in the 1839 Pigot's Directory in Dover:

In 1878 Reynolds lived at 36, High Street in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.4,149 He died on 25 June 1889 at the age of 76 in Charlton, Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.5 Reynolds' 1889 death cert states cause of death as "Cardiac Disease (mitral), Senile Decay". He was 76. His occupation is described as "Tailor (Master)". The person who registered the death - on 28 Jun - was "E.R. Adcock, daughter". She was also present at the death, which took place at his own home: 36 High Street, Charlton. His daughter's residence is shown as Salisbury Road, Charlton.
It appears that Reynolds (and the rest of the family) changed the spelling of his surname (or had it changed for him) at some point from Mowll to Mowle... The 1861 and 1881 census entries definitely say "Mowle", whereas transcripts of earlier Parish records (including the above Pigot's entry), not to mention the surname of his ancestors and siblings was "Mowll".

At the time of the 1841 census Reynolds is a 25 year old Tailor living in Snargate Street, Dover, Kent. Apart from Reynolds' family, also resident at the address is a Susanna Bailey (25) and Pamela Bailey (6), a female servant named Harriet South (20), and a Tailor's Apprentice named William Andrews (20).

At the time of the birth of son Reynolds Warwick Mowle in 1842, Reynolds' occupation is shown as Tailor, resident at Snargate Street, Dover, Kent.

Reynolds registered his mother Mary's death in March 1847 - his residence shown at that time to be 76 Snargate Street, Dover (she wasn't there in '41 - I have yet to trace her on that census).

At the time of the 1851 census Reynolds is a 38 year old widower Tailor employing 1 man and 1 apprentice. He is living at 76 Snargate Street. As well as Reynolds and two of his sons, also living at the address are two women referred to as "Friends": Susanna Bailey, a 38 year old widow Straw Bonnet Maker ( b. Staffordshire) and Pamila (sic) Bailey, 17, no occupation shown (b. Dover). Also Eliza May Prebble a 17 year old General Servant.

At the time of Reynolds' 1858 2nd marriage to (surprise, surprise!) a widow by the name of Susanna Bailey (nee Warwick) he was a 46 year old widower Tailor & Draper, resident at Snarsgate Street. Witnesses were George Fry and Mary Ann Osborn (Reynolds' sister).

At the time of the 1861 census Reynolds is a 48 year old Tailor living at 76 Snargate Street. Wife at this time is still Susanna.

At the time of the 1871 census Reynolds is shown as a 57 year old widower Tailor. He is still living at 76 Snargate Street Also living with him is his 84 year old mother-in-law, Mary 'Warwich' (Warwick, surely) and a 25 year old Housekeeper.

MYSTERY.... If Reynolds and 2nd wife Susanna married in 1858, and the last known Mowle/Mowll children ended with William Hudson abt. 1844, and Reynolds' first marriage was to someone named Winder and his 2nd wife's original surname was Warwick ... WHY is son Reynolds' middle name Warwick when he was born in 1842??? Surname-sounding Christian names generally are to honour the surname of a female ancestor or more recent female family member. Were Reynolds' wives related?

At the time of the 1881 census Reynolds is 68. His occupation is described as Tailor & House Agent and he was resident at 36 High St, Charlton, Kent. Others in the house included a 42 year old housekeeper rejoicing in the name of Mary A. Pooier!

Reynolds MOWLL and Mary Ann WINDER were married on 23 April 1833.5,40,152 According to (Parish and Probate Records section), a Reynolds Mowle of St Mary, Dover (aged 20, father Robert Mowle) married a Mary Ann Winder on 23 Apr 1833.
Mary Ann WINDER40, daughter of Richard WINDER and Sarah MATE, was born on 6 October 1804 in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.5 She was baptized on 4 November 1804 at Church of St. Mary The Virgin in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.153 The 1804 birth/baptism IGI entry was the only likely match for Mary - most likely it is correct, despite the discrepancy of age with regards to the '41 census. More conclusive proof WOULD be better, though. It is interesting to note that the 'Mary Ann Winder' who married Reynolds Mowll in 1833 was a WIDOW ... On son Reynolds' Birth Cert. she is described only as being formerly Winder (and no other former name).

If definitely correct (and she WAS a spinster when she married), then Mary would have been fully 8 years and a day older than her husband, so it's unsurprising that she (or Reynolds) might have been tempted to 'massage' her age downwards once civil registration commenced. Perhaps Mary never confessed to Reynolds exactly how much older than him she was and was economic with the truth when the census takers started calling?. The 'rounded' age on the '41 census put her at about 5 years older than Reynolds. But if - as seems likely - she were 8 years older ... her last child, William, would have been born when she was abt. 40. This makes biological sense as a time to cease popping children out, rather than at a comparatively more fecund age.
She died on 3 June 1848 at the age of 43 at Snargate street in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.5,154,155 At the time of the 1841 census Mary is 30 years old and living in Snargate Street, Dover, Kent.

Mary died at some point between the Sep Q of 1844 (when William was born) and the time of the 1851 census.

It would be interesting to obtain Mary's death cert - if only to ascertain her proper age - and also to see the full parish records entry of her marriage to Reynolds, in case there are added details such as age or father's name.

A trawl through the Death Indexes of this time span threw up two possibles:

1) DecQ 1847 Mary Ann Charlotte Mowll, Dover 5 72
2) Jun Q 1848 Mary Ann Mowell, Dover 5 89*

*LATER NOTE: this cert was obtained, but turned out to be the 39 year old wife of a JOHN HOWELL who died 05 Jun 1848. The address, coincidentally, is Snargate Street and the husband's occupation is Mariner. The informant's name was Susannah King, also of Snargate Street.

There is the faint possibility that the registration entry was ITSELF mistranscribed and the husband's name was indeed Mowell/Mowll/Mowle. Susannah King 'made her mark', so was illiterate and perhaps a family employee. If John WAS part of the Mowle mariner clan, though, a likely candidate for a match in this tree cannot be found.
Mary was buried on 9 June 1848 at Church of St. Mary The Virgin in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.154

Reynolds MOWLL and Mary Ann WINDER had the following children:



Frederick Winder MOWLE was born on 20 February 1834 in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.40,156 It is possible that Frederick was sickly and not expected to live long, as his brother Richard, born in 1839, was also given the middle name of Winder to carry on the Winder name.

At the time of the 1841 census Frederick is 7 years old and living in Snargate Street, Dover, Kent.
A match found for Frederick's death in the death indexes: September quarter 1844, Dover, vol 5, pg 74 He was baptized on 13 April 1834 at Church of St. Mary The Virgin in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.156 He died in 1844 at the age of 10 in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.5,40



William MOWLE was born on 7 December 1835 in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.40,157 He was baptized on 17 January 1836 at Church of St. Mary The Virgin in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.156 He died about 1841 at the age of 6.40



Elizabeth Reynolds MOWLE.



Richard Winder MOWLE was born in 1839 in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.40,156 At the time of the 1841 census Richard is 2 years old and living in Snargate Street, Dover, Kent.

A match for Richard appears in the 1851 census: an 11 year old pupil at the Cliffe House Academy, St Margaret at Cliffe, Kent. Richard is by now the eldest son of his family - the 'actual' eldest two boys having died in childhood.

He died of consumption on 8 September 1865 at the age of 26 in Fort Riley, Kansas, USA.158 Entry in the National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1861-1941 has the following entry in 1905:

, Richard Winder of Dover died on or since 7 September 1864 at _______________ Administration London 11 February to Elizabeth Reynolds Adcock (wife of William John Adcock) Effects £104 4s 3d.

Googling "Mowle, Richard W" gives a webpage that indicates that he may have involved himself in the American Civil War ... Records held in the Missouri State Archives show that a Richard W Mowle enlisted in St. Louis, Missouri, on 18 Mar 1865 and served as a Private on the Union side with the Missouri Volunteers (14th Regiment Cavalry Volunteers, G Company). He died 08 Sep 1865 of Consumption and was buried 09 Sep at Fort Riley, KS (Kansas?).

Is the the same Richard W Mowle? The fact that it appears Richard's family last heard of him in Sep 1864 (when he emigrated / went out to fight?) and didn't know his whereabouts when he died, certainly does point to a possible link.

There are also similar National Probate Calendar entries for Richard's brother William Hudson and father Reynolds Mowle - both relating to 1905 Administration to Elizabeth Reynolds Adcock (who was William and Richard's sister and Reynolds' daughter) .
The National Archive website lists the following record of lists of documents held by the East Kent Archives Centre (Deposited by Messrs. Knocker, Elwin and Lambert, solicitors of Castle Street, Dover, April 1961):
MOWLE, Richard Winder, of Dover EK/U844/T362/3 1905 Contents: A

On Ancestry's U.S., Union Soldiers Compiled Service Records, 1861-1865, Richard W Mowle is listed as having a birthdate of abt. 1839, was 26 and had an enlistment date of 1865 with the "Fourteenth Cavalry, Me-R". This now seems almost conclusive proof.

He was buried on 9 September 1865 in Fort Riley, Kansas, USA.158



Henry W MOWLE was born about 1841.5 At the time of the 1861 census 'Henry' is a 20 year old Lath Render, living at 76 Snargate Street, Dover.

NOTE: 'Henry' very probably doesn't exist!! Sarah-LOu Morley strongly suspect this 'Henry' of actually being 'brother' Reynolds Warwick Mowle ... the clues being (i) the middle initial of W., (ii) that Reynolds is untraceable on the 1861 census, and (iii) in the 1871 census he is described as an "unemployed Lath Render.

Perhaps Reynolds' nickname was Henry in order to distinguish him from his father?

Sarah-Lou checked the birth indexes and IGI, and there is no match for a Henry W. Mowle born in Dover in the given timespan. Yet all of the other siblings appear in the baptisms in the IGI for St Mary the Virgin in Dover.

The only minor flaw in my theory is that - with a date of birth being 26.02.1842 - Reynolds would have been only 19 at the time of the '61 census - not 20. However, it is not unknown for ages in census returns to be in error (or, of course, he could have fibbed!).



Reynolds Warwick MOWLE was born on 26 February 1842 in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.5,40 He died on 21 August 1911 at the age of 69 at 4 Sun Cottages, Sun Lane in Milton, Gravesend, Kent, England, United Kingdom.5



William Hudson MOWLE was born on 2 August 1844 in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.40,156 Birth indexes show that a Hudson William Henry Mowle was registered in the Sept quarter of 1844 (Dover, 5, 123).
Birth and christening dates from IGI. Note: IGI shows name at baptism to be William Hudson Mowle - as he is forever after only listed as William H. or William, I have altered his name entry in the tree accordingly. Apparently it is not completely unusual for the registered name to be reconsidered by the time the baptism comes along. In this case it's likely that it was decided to honour William's elder brother William Francis, who'd died abt. 3 years previously.

At the time of the 1861 census his forenames are shown as William H. He is 6 years old and living at 76 Snargate Street, Dover.

At the time of the 1861 census William is a 17 year old Tailor, still living at 76 Snargate St, Dover.

At the time of the 1871 census a match for William is living at 4 Priory Gardens, a 26 year old Lodging House Keeper. He has a 25 year old wife named Johanna (sic) who was also born in Dover, Kent. Also at the address is a 20 year old servant named Mary Ann Baker

NOTE: William cannot be found in the '81 census, and the only Joanna Mowle is a 36 year old unmarried woman born in Wells, Norfolk. This could still be William's Joanna, as the '71 may have overlooked her real place of birth and this census may have entered unmarried rather than widowed. She is living at 4 Cambridge Terrace, St James Dover, Kent - daughter of Katherine O'Callahan, a 65 widowed year old widowed Lodging House Keeper.
He was baptized on 6 October 1844 at Church of St. Mary The Virgin in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.156 He was a Tailor.

Reynolds MOWLL and Susanna WARWICK were married on 8 November 1858 in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.5,159 At the time of Susanna's 1858 marriage to widower Reynolds Mowle, she was a 45 year old widow with the surname BAILEY (no occupation given), resident of Snargate Street, Dover, daughter of Charles Warwick, Engineer Steam packet(?).

A look in the 1841 census shows a 25 year old Susanna Bailey living in Reynolds' and then-wife Mary's household (probably an employee although of course - it being the detail-short '41 census - I cannot be sure). Her daughter, 6 year old Pamela Bailey, is also at the address.

At the time of the 1861 census Susanna is a 47 year old Milliner living at 76 Snargate Street, Dover, Kent.

Also living at Snargate Street at time of 1861 census is an "unmarried" 25 year old daughter-in-law (also an old term for stepdaughter) to the head of the household named P.P.H. Bailey who was a Teacher of French & Music. She is undoubtedly the daughter of Susanna's previous marriage. This leads me to think that Susanna's first marriage would have been to someone relatively well-to-do for their daughter to have achieved such a standard of learning. Or had Reynolds been helping out throughout their lives? Had Susanna been a widow of a friend, perhaps?

It is likely that Susanna died before the time of the 1871 census, as husband Reynolds is shown at that time as a Widower and he is shown as living with his mother-in-law Mary Warwick, rather than Susanna.

A glance through the BMD's shows a death for a Susanna Mowle in the Sep Q of 1870 - however, the age at death was 68 - making the year of birth about 10 years out :-( Of course, this could be a typo; only the acquisition of the death certificate or a look through the area's parish records will sort this out for certain.

Susanna WARWICK was born about 1813 in Hansworth, Stafford, England, United Kingdom.5 She died about 1870 at the age of 57 in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.5