Seventh Generation

96. Hannah MOLE was born on 31 May 1845 in New Norfolk, Tasmania. Australia.77,78 Note that the surname of Hannah is registered as MOLE She was baptized on 29 June 1845 in New Norfolk, Tasmania. Australia.77 At St Matthews Church. The ceremony was performed by W. Garrard Name was taken into care date place.160 Hannah was placed into Queen's orphanage with her sister Phoebe (with surname spelt MOWLES). Her parents were listed as Elizabeth Moles. Father - Dying. They were discharged back into their mother's care on 7th December 1855 following her marriage to William Donelly.
(Information from Children In Queen's Orphanage Hobart Town 1828-1863 - Compiled By Joyce Purtscher)

Hannah MOLE and Charles SMITH were married on 7 September 1893 in Dysart, Tasmania. Australia.78 Charles SMITH was born about 1848.77 Birth date calculated from age given on marriage certificate On 7 September 1893 he was a Butcher.77 (Profession given on Marriage Certificate).