Ninth Generation

226. William John MOWLL was born on 6 December 1835 in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.39,309 He was baptized on 10 January 1836 at St Mary The Virgin in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.309 He emigrated in 1867 from Australia.39,310 On the ship John Wesley 2, a missionary schooner which left Gravesend on Saturday, 18 May 1867 and passed Deal at 5 o'clock on the 19th. The "Agreement and Account of Crew", dated 15 May 1867, signed by all crew members shows William John Mowll as the ship's carpenter.
Full cargo and number of passengers reached Adelaide on 5th September 1867. It was the maiden voyage of this ship as the first John Wesley was wrecked in 1865. John Wesley 2 was built by Hall & Co in Aberdeen in 1866.
Those engaged as sailors agreed to serve on board ship on a voyage from London to Adelaide, and/or any other port of places in Australia or New Zealand, or islands adjacent to. Crew finally to be discharged at the port of Sydney, voyage not to exceed 12 months.
Monthly calendar wages were five pounds.
William John Mowll left his previous ship "Ilva" on March 17, 1867.
William died on 29 November 1920 at the age of 84 in Waverley, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.39,311

William John MOWLL and Sophia COE were married in 1869 in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australian Colonies.39,312 Sophia COE39 was born in 1852.313 She died on 9 November 1937 at the age of 85.313

William John MOWLL and Sophia COE had the following children:



Phoebe MOWLL.



William John MOWLL.



Elizabeth Jane MOWLL.



Rebecca J MOWLL.



Amy Blanch MOWLL.



Richard Beresford MOWLL.



Clara MOWLL was born in 1885 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australian Colonies.314 She died in 1888 at the age of 3 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australian Colonies.313,314



Sophia MOWLL.






Henry Wilfred MOWLL.



Ivy MOWLL was born about 1895.314 She died in 1986 at the age of 91.314