Eighth Generation

140. Captain Richard MOWLL RN was born on 25 October 1813 at Princess Street in Deal, Kent, England, United Kingdom.63,293 He was baptized on 24 November 1813 at St George in Deal, Kent, England, United Kingdom.293 In 1841 he lived at Limekiln Street in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.294 In 1851 Richard lived at 173 Elliott Place in Alverstoke, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom.295 In 1861 he lived HMS Conway at The Mersey in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom.296 He is shown as a widower and unmarried on the 1861 Census record

In February 1862–1871 he was a Captain Superintendent of HMS Conway, A naval Cadet training Ship.59,297
Ships Appointments & Testaments

1 May 1827 - 5 Years Indenture Document
27 January 1832 - General Certificate end of Indenture
29 January 1839 - Masters Certificate  Sloops
30 December 1845 - Asto Navigation qualification
31 December 1845 - Passing Certificate 5th & 6th rate
23 March 1848 - Masters Certificate for Line of Battle Ships

20 October 1832 - 18 November 1832 - Second Master - Sailing Brig Griffon
15 August 1833 - 15 September 1834 - Second Master - Sailing 2nd rate - Ocean
16 September 1834 - 26 August 1835 - Second Master - Sailing 2nd rate - Ocean - Sheerness
27 August 1835 - 11 November 1835 - Second Master -Sailing Ship 1st rate - Howe - Sheerness
9 November 1835 - Second Master - Sail 6th rate - Cleopatra - South - East coast of America
12 July 1839 - 28 September 1840 - Acting Master - Brig Sloop Sail - Snake - North America & West Indies
20 March 1841 - 12 November 1841 - Master & Pilot - Sloop - Blofom
12 February 1842 - 4 July 1843 - Master - Sailing Sloop - Scout Malta - Mediterranean
8 November 1843 - 8 August 1845 - Master & Pilot - Sailing Sloop - Scout Mediterranean
24 March 1846 - 20 November 1847 - Master - Sailing 3rd rate - Belleiste
9 January 1850 - Master & Pilot - Sail 5th rate - Phaeton
January 1853 - 1 March 1854 - Master - Ship Yacht - Sylphide - Private Yacht  of Thomas Leyland
27 Jan 1854 - 16 March 1854 - Master & Pilot - Steam Ship HMS Caesar - Portsmouth to the Baltic
24 March 1854 - 6 February 1855 - Sick Note
2 February 1855 - Reserve List
February 1862 September - 1871 Commander Training Ship HMS Conway (The Cadet  1961) 
The website of HMS Conway (http://www.hmsconway.org/staff.html) suggests that his nickname was "Old Mobby".
HMS Conway (a full rigged sailing ship) was anchored in the River Mersey until war began in 1939
14 July 1879 - Staff Commander Nautical Assessor Court Liverpool

In 1871 Richard lived HMS Conway at The Mersey in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom.298 His 2nd wife, Elizabeth is recorded with him on HMS Conway in the 1871 Census He died on 20 May 1886 at the age of 72 at 8 Stanley Road, New Ferry in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom.11,299,300

Captain Richard MOWLL RN and Mary Anne Charlotte WALKER were married in May 1845 at Cathedral Church of The Holy Trinity in Gibraltar.63,301 Mary Anne Charlotte WALKER, daughter of William WALKER and Mary , was born about 1825 in Gibraltar.302 She died on 27 December 1847 at the age of 22 at High steet, Buckland in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.11,303 She was buried on 31 December 1847 at Church of St. Mary The Virgin in Dover, Kent, England, United Kingdom.303

Captain Richard MOWLL RN and Mary Anne Charlotte WALKER had the following children:



Richard Alfred MOWLL.

Captain Richard MOWLL RN and Eliza Henrietta Anderson WALKER were married between 1861 and 1871 in Gibraltar.63,304 The old family story was that Richard’s second wife, Elizabeth Walker was the sister of his first wife, Mary Anne Chadette (sic), who died shortly after the birth of their son, Richard Alfred. It further suggested that they were married under special license in Gibraltar as it was not legal in UK.
Updates in October 2018 with the help of Gareth Arscott’s <garetharscott@outlook.com> meticulous and detailed research has shown the truth in this account albeit somewhat embellished.
The 1841 census shows Richard aged 25 living in Limekiln Street, Dover with his mother and a number of his siblings.
In the 1851 census we find him living in Elliott Place, Alverstoke, Hampshire in the household of  Eliza. Woodward who was born in Gibraltar and whose husband is recorded as being abroad. Richard is shown as Mowell, age 38 and a widower and interestingly is recorded as brother of Eliza Woodward! Also in the household are Richard A Mowell aged 5 who is recorded as Eliza’s nephew.
Some deduction at this point leads us to theorise that between 1841 and 1851 Richard has married and had a Son (Richard A) who is the nephew of Eliza Woodhead. We might also conclude that Richard has been incorrectly recorded as Eliza’s brother and is in fact her brother in law? So Eliza is the sister of Richards first wife and Richard A’s mother.
Baptism records at St Mary The Virgin, Dover support this with the Baptism of Richard Alfred Mowll on 1st May 1846 (dob. 27th March 1846) whose mother is recorded as Mary Ann Charlotte Mowll. Burial records at the same church record the burial of a Mary Ann Charlotte Mowll on 31st December 1847 aged 29.
The 1861 census records Richard, still a widower, on board HMS Conway and Eliza H A Harwood (sic) aged 38, now a widow still living in Alverstoke with Richard A Mowll (nephew) and a Mary A Rees who is recorded as a niece.
The 1871 census shows Richard on board HMS Conway with his wife Eliza and this leads us to conclude that Richard married his second wife between 1861 and 1871.
But are the 2 wives related? Without marriage certificates that give their maiden names and father’s name it is difficult to conclusively prove that this is fact. However there are a number of clues that help us conclude that Mary Ann Charlotte and Eliza H A Mowll are indeed sisters.
1. While we have not as yet been able to find marriage certificates for either marriage we do have a marriage license (issued in the Diocese of Gibraltar) for Richard and Mary Ann Charlotte WALKER.
2. The Armed forces GRO marriage returns show that between 1840 and 1843 Thomas Woodhead married Eliza Henrietta WALKER in Gibraltar.
3. The 1834 Gibraltar register of inhabitants shows a William WALKER with daughters Eliza aged 11 and Mary Ann aged 9. In 1834 there were 14500 or so people in Gibraltar of which 10% had anglacised names. How many are called Walker? What are the chances of another William Walker with 2 daughters,Mary Ann and Eliza? Pretty small I would guess.
4.In the 1871 Census Mary Adele Rees (niece of Eliza H A Woodward in the 1861 census), is shown as the niece of Edward Hamilton WALKER,therefore he must be brother to Mary Ann Charlotte and Eliza Henrietta.
5.In 1891 the census records Eliza now widowed living with a niece; Mary Adele Rees
6. Edward Hamilton WALKER Marries Emma Gray in Dover. One of the witnesses is Eliza H A Woodward! His sister. His father is noted as William!
7. Census details for Edward Hamilton Walker indicate that he was born in Gibraltar!
8. Lastly, Richard's probate details are on Ancestry, he died 1886 and one of the executors mentioned is Edward Hamilton Walker.
What about the family reference to a “special” license and why would the marriage not have been legal in England? To marry the sister of your late wife is certainly not illegal so perhaps we can accept this part of the story as an “embellishment”!
We do have a license for Richard’s first marriage to Mary Ann Charlotte and there may well be one (not yet tracked down)for the marriage to Eliza but it is probable that these are standard practice for those not native to Gibraltar. Additionally, being a Naval officer at the mercy of the wind (and possibly the French!) planning an exact date for a wedding would be difficult. Having a license would ensure that the couple had proof that Banns had been read and the marriage could go ahead when the groom was available.

Eliza Henrietta Anderson WALKER63, daughter of William WALKER and Mary , was born about 1823 in Gibraltar.302,305 In 1851 she lived at 173 Elliott Place in Alverstoke, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom.295 In 1861 she lived at 16 York Street in Alverstoke, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom.306 In 1871 Eliza lived HMS Conway at The Mersey in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom.298 She died in May 1895 at the age of 72 at 20 Maury Road in Clapton, London, England United Kingdom.305,307 She was buried on 25 May 1895 at 20 Maury Road in Clapton, London, England United Kingdom.305