Ninth Generation

282. William Rutley MOWLL345 was born in 1874.344 He died in 1948 at the age of 74.344
The point about visiting Christchurch Brixton is that Mowll St runs along beside it because it was called after William Rutley Mowll who was the Vicar who had the Church rebuilt. Basil Mowll was the curate when William left and he became Vicar also. About 30 years ago the church got to such a low ebb that the Church authorities decided to close it and give or sell it to a black church as Brixton had become full of West Indian immigrants. An old lady aged 90 in the congregation fought the church in the courts and eventually took it to the highest court in the land and won, so the church had to stay open. The Church Authorities put a curate from a neighbouring church in to look after it and this man did an amazing job by making it into a neighbourhood church. He has about 80 volunteers and run all sorts of projects to serve the community. The cafe is one and I know they do a second hand clothes stall. He has converted the inside of the church into lots of different smaller units and about 7 different churches meet in it on a Sunday. Chris and I and Ron and Elizabeth Mowll were invited for their 150th anniversary service and lunch. The beef had been put in the oven at 12 midnight in preparation for the lunch but by early next morning when the Vicar arrived it had been stolen so he had to go out a buy some more. There is an outside pulpit on the church so that William Rutley could preach on Sunday evening to the crowds passing by. It is still there.

Margaret Mowll

It should also be noted that Christchurch Brixton was buit by Architect Arthur Beresford Pite
(Husband of William Rutley Mowll's Aunt - Mary Kilvinton Mowle).

William Rutley MOWLL and Ethel Marion WORSFOLD were married.344 Ethel Marion WORSFOLD was born (date unknown).

William Rutley MOWLL and Ethel Marion WORSFOLD had the following children:



Helen MOWLL was born in 1900.



Marjorie MOWLL.



Betty MOWLL was born in 1904.481 She died about 1984 at the age of 80.481



Edward Worsfold MOWLL.



Mollie MOWLL was born in 1909.481 She died in 1989 at the age of 80.481



Wilfred Rutley MOWLL.