Twelfth Generation

740. Kenneth Usher MOWLL was born on 8 May 1943.591,593 In September 2002 he lived in Suffolk, Virginia, USA.593 He was a Director.626 Director of a team planning a "light rail" (tramway) system between Newport News, and Williamsburg, VA, USA

Aryati was born in Indonesia.626 She was a Mountaineer.626 She has climbed Annapurna in the Himalayas

Kenneth Usher MOWLL and Aryati had the following children:



Twyla Dara Annapurna MOWLL626 was born on 2 June 2001 in Plymouth, Virginia, USA.627 Named after Annapurna - the 3rd highest peak in the Himalayas which her mother had climbed.