Eleventh Generation

584. DR Jane Bowey MOWLL was born on 28 July 1967.396 Received a doctorate from in University of New South Wales, Australia in 2011396

DR Jane Bowey MOWLL and Don MCLENNON were married.396 They396 were divorced.396 Don MCLENNON396 was born (date unknown).

DR Jane Bowey MOWLL and Don MCLENNON had the following children:



Lucy Elisabeth Rita MOWLL396 was born in 2007. Dear Coll,

Greetings from Australia!
I have been looking with interest at the Mowll family tree you have developed, what a fabulous job
You have done. I have yet to explore it properly but certainly shall…

I do wish to add a minor correction to the Mowll family tree- narrative on McLennon.
You have correctly noted my daughter Lucy’s birth (and incidentally my doctorate-thank you!) However I
Gave Lucy my surname after birth.
Her birth certificate reads Lucy Elisabeth Rita MOWLL
So she is also a true Mowll!!

Many thanks


Jane Mowll