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Exploring Christian and Yogic Earth Centred Wisdom

Santoshan (Stephen Wollaston)

GreenSpirit ebook series

Plublished by GreenSpirit, 2014

Smashwords ISBN: 978-0-9552157-8-0

Amazon Kindle ISBN: To Follow

RRP UK £0.77 / US $0.90

Word count: 16,135 approx.

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In Rivers of Green Wisdom Santoshan/Stephen shares personal reflections on Christian, Yogic and Earth centred wisdom and key stages encountered on his own spiritual journey. The book unveils central teachings about the sacredness of Earth and Nature and covers both past and present understanding about our interdependent relationship with the natural world, and how various teachers have looked for east-west fusions for deeper and more responsible living. There are important insights within the five detailed chapters, along with informative passages about contemporary prophets and mystics who have been influential in promoting relevant wisdom for our times. Overall, Rivers of Green Wisdom highlights essential challenges we need to embrace in order to move forward skilfully and build a harmonious and sustainable Earth community that compassionately cares about the diversity of life our Earth-Mother has sought to celebrate.


“Overall, this is a heart-warming book where I learnt a good deal about Earth based spirituality through the lens of different traditions. I felt that my spirituality is not some made-up modern quirk but something that is deeply rooted in, and belongs to, the ongoing spiritual evolution of our collective human journey.”

– Ian Mowll, Interfaith Foundation Minister and the coordinator of GreenSpirit.


“From his many years of deep immersion in the Yogic, Christian and Earth-based traditions, Santoshan skilfully expresses in this book, the feeling tone of each of these three spiritual movements. He explains how they blend, how they relate to each other and how they share a common thread of love and the sanctity of all life. Seldom do you find such practised clarity in revealing the wisdom of Spirit.”

– Sky McCain, Vedantist and author of Planet as Self: An Earthen Spirituality.


CONTENTS: Preface, Introduction, 1. Pursuing Meaning and Purpose, 2. Opening to Greater Awareness, 3. Deeper Encounters, 4. Embracing our Earth Mother and Responding to Her Call, 5. Mending the Broken Pieces, Bibliography, About the Author.

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