The Universe Story

~ A Storytelling by Ian Mowll




The Universe Story is the story as revealed by science, from the big bang 13.8 billion years ago, through the creation of the stars, galaxies, planet Earth, life on Earth and our human journey.

All cultures have a creation story – a story that describes where we have come from and about our place in the world. The Universe Story can be thought of as a modern creation story; a story for all people and the whole planet. More than this, the story can evoke feelings of awe and wonder; feelings that open us up to the beauty and magnificence of the Earth. Feelings that can inspire us to protect and take care of the Earth and all living beings.

Ian tells the Universe Story through inspirational storytelling. Here are the sections along with what we can learn from the story:

* The Big Bang - we all belong to, and are a part of this story

* Supernova - there is a continual process of death, re-birth and emergence in the Universe

* Early Earth - we are inter-dependent with all other life-forms and the planet

* Death of the Dinosaurs - the Universe continually creates diversity

* Early Humans - we have free choice and what we choose matters

* Today - compassion is at the heart of our growing emergence into a new consciousness

Ian Mowll is the Coordinator of GreenSpirit (, an Interfaith Minister ( and an experienced storyteller. His passion for the Universe Story spans nearly 20 years and he has run and supported events and publications on the Universe Story.



Ian dramatises our journey in the Universe Story with enthusiasm that is truly contagious. He carries us along the millions of years of our story with laughter, delight and awe....pure joy! - Felice

A mind-blowing story performed by Ian with great panache and humour. I found it both entertaining and very moving. - Helen

A story of wonder combined with a wonderful storyteller... what could be better than that! - Claire

'I've known Ian for some time, his warmth, his humour and his depth of knowledge are always an inspiration. I was so pleased when Ian agreed to come tell the Universe Story for a group of local people in the 'Urban Yurt' that we have in our garden. It was a perfect setting for the unfolding story, which Ian told with such passion. The storytelling is a mix of scientific facts and personal reflection, it invites you in, fills you with awe and encourages you to move from listener to participant by reflecting on the meaning for your own life. An experience that will stay with me for a long time. Thank you Ian!'
Rev Anne Cross –




The whole story is 45 minutes but can be adapted for your event - for instance, a 5 minute segment or a condensed 15 minute version of the story.

Cost: Travel expenses only.


To book contact me on:

T: 020 8552 2096


A: 137 Ham Park Road, Forest Gate, London. E7 9LE